Bob, who grew up in Sydney, has always been drawn to water-based activities. He served his apprenticeship as a Shipwright and Boatbuilder at Garden Island. While there he was an active swimmer and  water polo player. He was also member of the Bilgola Surf Club.

In the early 1960s Bob moved to Hobart to work as a Shipwright and has remained in Tasmania since.

It was during this time that he began to take photos of ships. When he moved north to Beauty Point for work, which is on the western bank of Port Dalrymple, he continued to build on his new hobby.

As his collection of photos increased over the years, the idea of producing a book with these photos increased. It is believed to be the only book devoted to vessels visiting Port Dalrymple. Bob is still very active in his hobby of ship photography.

Bob has travelled to all ports in Tasmania and has photos in all these ports of ships when they looked like ships, not ‘floating boxes’.

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