Port Dalrymple Shipping – From 1963 to 1972

July 23, 2010

Port Dalrymple Shipping – From 1963 to 1972 was created in recognition of the thousands of men and women who served their nations as seafarers back when ships carried large crews to safely maintain and operate them.

Many nations have allowed their own country’s fleets to disappear and opened the way for Flag of Convenience crewed ships to ply their coasts.

The photos in the recently published book by Bob Silberberg are of the ships that sailed during the last decade prior to the advent of mass containerisation and the decline in the number of seafarers required to man the new type of ships.

Port Dalrymple Shipping can be ordered directly from the author via direct credit or cheque.

Click here to order your slice of Tasmanian maritime history today.

Price, inclusive of postage & packaging:
Australia A$55.00      New Zealand A$58.00      UK A$70.00      USA A$70.00






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